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How do I make a booking?

Ring us on 4787 7778 or 0409985015

How do I know that my pet is safe?

The pens and kennels have triple door protection. Only one of the three doors is open at the one time, so your pet cannot get out. Visitors are supervised at all times whilst inside the kennel or cattery and their visitor details are recorded. We also have a CCTV security system in place. We have an intercom system running between the kennel and the house.


Where is the property?

401 Great Western Highway

Blackheath, NSW, Australia

Why does my dog or cat need to be vaccinated?

Your dog or cat needs to be vaccinated so diseases are not spread between animals. Please be aware that a pet that has recently been vaccinated may have to be isolated from the others. At this facility animals are not accepted for boarding within two weeks of the vaccination being administered. Senior animals vaccinations to be done at your vets discretion.

Who is the owner?

The owners of the cattery and kennels are Susan and John.

What can I bring from home, if I want to?

Toys, blankets or other stuff from home. Favourite Aunties etc, are encouraged to visit your cat or dog during their stay at our property. Postcards from afar are always welcomed by your cat or dog and Susan will read mummy's messages to them and display their postcards on their enclosures. You can bring any special treats for them or special food, just remember to label everything with their name.

When is the property open for inspection?

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9AM-4 PM, Sat 9-MIDDAY and Sun 2-4 PM. We are closed on Wednesdays and public holidays. You can inspect at any time during these hours and we have an open door policy. Outside of these hours please make an appointment. Of course, we are not available on Christmas Day, New Years Eve and Good Friday and other public holidays. Once or twice a year we close for conferences, training and our own family holidays. If you need to travel a considerable distance for inspection please phone to see if we're open that week..

Vaccinate yearly

Vaccinated dogs and cats within the last year only please. Please make sure your pet has not been vaccinated within two weeks of the first day of their stay so no other pet gets infected.

Please bring the vaccination certificate.

A video of small animals as well as two of our bushland views. Please be patient as it loads.


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