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| What will my dog or cat eat?

Animated cat with dinner bowl

miaow,  I could eat this all day

What will my dog or cat eat at Blue Mountains Pet Resort?

The cats have a varied diet which includes items from the following:

Premium cat food
Most supermarket tinned foods and dry foods
Grated cheese
Gourmet mince and Cats Delight raw meat
Milk Plus
Home style treats
Roast chicken, Chicken wings and necks and roast lamb


For dogs we also have:

Raw meats
Raw meaty bones and smoked bones
Pork ears
VIP Dog rolls, home cooked minced chicken or beef, garlic and rice and mixed vegetables prepared and cooked fresh every day and served warm for their night-time dinner


Cooked chicken breast or thigh can be supplied at an extra cost. Ring for pricing.

For small pets like rats and guinea pigs we love to feed them tasty treats like grapes, parsley and fresh vegetables

Please advise of any special dietary requirements



Friendly Cat Drinking Milk


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