Inclusions in the dog runs

Toys, balls, teddies
Trampoline Bed, Kennel, Basket or Roto pet bed with memory foam
Water Bowl
Mats to sit on

A video of lots of dogs boarded here. Please be patient as it loads.




dog erroll


Inclusions in the cat enclosures

Scratching post
Sheepskin for old cats
Deck chairs
Comfy beds or baskets


A video of cats boarded here. Please be patient as it loads.

I think it's time for number 1's or was it number 2's.

Luxury Suite

The photo above is our Luxury Suite


There's plenty of room for exercise for both dogs and cats. For the cats they can play in the special care room where there's a TV, feathers, comfy miniature lounge chairs and wide sunny windowsills with a view. The staff regularly play with the cats one-on-one and for the cats that are really active there are animated toys that keep your cats entertained. For the dogs we'll walk them on a leash on our property daily weather permitting and they'll also have plenty of free-play time in one of our five play areas as well as supervised play-time with staff and other compatible dogs.

For the very discerning cat we have a luxury suite (also known as the Leura Suite) This is the only enclosure that can be specifically booked. It is a generously sized enclosure with a cane lounge, pink scratching tree, white arm chair, spring water, your choice of litter, shag-pile rug, good quality bowls, lace curtains, velvet framed mirrors (to admire oneself in), pink mobiles and hanging butterfly artwork as well as a hand-made patchwork quilt. There's also framed artwork from one of the the local well known painters Marilyn Ecob and artwork by another well known painter Trish Naylor. The larger enclosures book out very quickly so if your cats are young and active please try to book early. Long staying cats will really enjoy the larger enclosures as will larger cat families. The early booked cats will get first priority.

The health and welfare of your cat will always be taken into account when choosing an enclosure for them.

Please feel free to bring toys, blankets or other stuff from home if you want to. Just remember have their name on all of their belongings.

Large Enclosure

Gypsy the cat

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